Thursday, 2 May 2013

DMT-Session Two

Contra-lateral Pattern

Moving opposite body parts...Senses start to come together...freedom of head...Reaching...

DMT-Session One

Homologous Pattern

Two arms and two legs working together at the same time.... symmetry...Part of birthing process ...Support from the organ system...Sense of sight to guide is in space


In contact class I have started to think about how we can use our heads to be in contact with another person and how this offers a new way into movement. It is a strong support, but yet the skull can remain soft and floating as I move. The front of the head in particular seems to be able to connect to new discovery and finding very quickly.

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Yield and push

Goes backwards, before from the floor...connection with the core

Yield and Push

The idea of how yielding with the whole body pulls you back and then you sense a response to be repelled into activity. Through hands-on-work I felt like I was actually stuck to the ground. My partner and I talked about the imagery of pushing play-dough or blue tack onto a surface. When I began to move my movement was really fluid and free. I noticed that in moving my partner, there was a strong sense of body reacting to each movement and that no matter what direction I pushed my partner, there was always a willingness to go there and give in to the movement.