Sunday, 19 December 2010

Project week!

As part of Project week I was given the opportunity to book a slot in the studio for an hour to begin work on my solo. I found it difficult to focus on a starting point as I had so many things that I needed to consider such as body parts, actions, quality, time and space. I also wanted to incorporate some of my previous ideas from my stimulus into my solo, in particular the idea of the waterfall and the freedom of nature.

In my first piece I explored the feet. I played with the idea of the noise and rhythms they can create as they can be light or heavy. It was also interesting to see how they can create a dance on their own without the rest of the body having to get involved and the different ways in which they can help you travel across the floor.

In my second piece I kept the word "freedom" in my mind as I choreographed. Although freedom can be created through smaller movements on the floor, I preferred to see how big I could make them and how far I could travel. I liked the idea of running in it, but I think I would prefer to run in a circle whilst incorporating other movements through it such as a spin. I think this would create a more fluid performance.

My third piece was quite similar to that of my first in the sense that I played with both the hands and the feet.

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