Sunday, 27 February 2011

Freedom Falls

Having come to the end of my journey of my choreographic solo sketch I believe it was an interesting journey to take and one which has enabled me to develop many new skills as an artist.

I began with a photo as my stimulus. I decided to work with this photo as I liked how I could divide the focus of the photo into the nature in the background and the emotions of the people in the foreground. Even though I was able to divide the focus up, I noticed how both the nature and people had a similar connection through the level of freedom they had. The waterfall in the photo has a great amount of freedom in the way the water falls, the patterns it creates, the gushing sounds and rhythms it forms and the energy it provides. As a result of this photo being taken in late June, the people in the photo have a newly found freedom away from exams and the pressure of school and career choices. When I look at this photo I associate with it words such as independence, youth, summer and vibrant colours. Through this sense of freedom, I feel that nature and humans share a common relationship.

When I first began work in the studio I decided to work with a range of different body parts, including the hands and feet and then tried to link them back to the idea of the waterfall. I quickly became aware of the different rhythms I could create using just my hands and feet and I felt this worked well with exploring the sounds a waterfall makes. I played with both quieter and louder sounds as a waterfall tends to sound calm and soft at a distance, but rapid and clamorous close up.

During my feedback session with my tutor and peers, I found it surprising that it was the first half of the dance that was enjoyed more by the audience than the second half. The first part of the dance was mainly performed on the floor and I was praised for the simplicity of it. However, it was felt that I lost the meaning and purpose of the dance when I cam to me feet and began to use more space. I had expected the floor work to be perceived as too slow by the audience. In my next studio sessions I paid particular attention to the feedback I had been given and tried to explore further particular rhythms and angles that I had already created. I began to think about the different patterns that waterfalls create and tried drawing the outline of it on the walls with my feet. I was aware that overtime the patterns can change shape and direction as a result of erosion of rocks and I tried to reflect this in my work.

Overall, I feel that this piece of work has taught me to investigate different qualities that can be incorporated into choreography such as actions, time, and space. Most importantly, it has taught me to listen to my body’s response to the given task.

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