Sunday, 13 November 2011

Amy's Improvisation Class

As a warm up exercise we began on the floor and gave thought to the skull and where it was in relation to space. With this is mind we began to roll with the head leading. I find it easier to lead with the head on the floor as opposed to the pelvis because it feels heavier and therefore I can become more aware of the direction it wants to travel in. We then introduced the idea of using the hands and feet to take us in and out of the floor, with the head continuing to lead. This helped me to explore more with transitions from lying, to sitting, to standing. I noticed that as I roll my head up I tend to move the last few vertabres very slowly as they tend to feel more fragile and less protected.

I moved towards a partner with my eyes closed and placed my feet against theirs. Playing with giving and taking weight, I noticed that when I pushed against my partner she didn't move but when she pushed against me I had to use all my support and strength in my legs to resist. Even then, I found myself slipping across the floor. We explored the idea of having our heads always connected and I found this easier as it created a stronger sense of connection and the transitions in and out of the floor were more fluid.

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