Friday, 16 December 2011

Thoughts on Frame Task

I chose to work with the frames of my desk in my bedroom. I began lying on the floor with my eyes closed, but quickly came to move around the floor until I was next to the desk.

I slowly investigated how the desk fet by using my sensoury awareness of touch. The four leg stands felt cold on my hands and feet, but it felt refreshing against the warm temperature in my room and provided me with a creative boost of energy to explore the frame in more depth.

The desk seemed inviting as a result of its smooth surfaces, amd therefore I found many ways to enter in and out of the frame through rolling, crawling and sliding through the bars frontwards and backwards. The room seemed bigger from under the desk and brighter too.

I came out of the desk and began to look at it from different angles: downward dog, on all four's, upward dog. I sat with my back against one of the legs and acted as a support for the desk. I was surprised to find that in giving my weight to the bars they actually supported me.

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