Sunday, 6 March 2011

Alexander Technique

Having never really heard of this technique before, let alone taken part in a class, I was both excited and nervous when I was told that we would have 2 different sessions with Lucia Walker. Before the first class I read two articles on the technique to try to come to some understanding of what it was. Theses are a few words that jumped out at me:
Breaking Habits
Re-education of the body/mind
Energy awareness

During the session Lucia asked me if I was aware of any ways in which I moved. I explained to her that I tend to walk and stand with my pelvis tilted forward. I was relieved to hear her say that this was a common thing and I wasn’t infact the only human being to do it! She helped me to tilt my pelvis back into the place it should be and then helped me to pull up from my spine. This was a very unusual experience as from the age of 3 with other dance training I’ve been encouraged to pull up from the chest. I found that the minute she corrected this habit, my feet were more stable on the ground and I lost all the tension I had across my shoulders and hip. I also found it interesting to hear her say that many people who walk with their pelvis tilted are more likely to have a hip replacement than those who don’t. Having suffered from a hip injury for the past 3 years, I’m eager to find out if the two are connected in anyway!

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