Sunday, 20 March 2011

Work In Progress Feedback

During our work In Progress sharing I felt that myself and my partner had created a thought provking and detailed research, however we hadn't completely captured that detail into our studio rehersals just yet. As a result, any feedback that was to be given was essential for our work to continue to develop further.

Comments from the floor:
Repetition is really clear
Running could be more powerful
Explore the idea of falling into the running because it's quite static
Think about where you place the audience and which directions you face them

Comments from Kayte:
Play with the idea of a narrower runway to enhance the repetition
Pathways are clear, but could become stronger
Embody the material and what the memory is your playing with
Create a better connection with the ground
Don't use material from class phrases
My role as a dancer needs to be stronger

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