Tuesday, 8 March 2011


Define the word collage
A work of visual arts, constituted of heterogeneous parts stuck together.

Cunningham used chance methods to decide how to sequence choreographic phrases, how many dancers would perform at any given point, where they would stand onstage, and where they would enter and exit.

"When I choreograph a piece by tossing pennies by chance, that is, I am finding my resources in that play, whcih is not the product of my will, but which is an energy and a law which I too obey.
( Cunningham, "The Impermanent Art" 71)

On using space Cunningham said
" The space was done by taking pieces of paper and making the imperfections in each piece-if you look at nay piece of paper...you see little dots- I would number these dots, and by chance means decide where somebody started in each space and to what space he went next, the next one and so on. Each dancer had different dots. I superimposed them to see if there were any points that came together, and where they did, I would have sequences with people together
(Merce Cunningham, "The Dancer and The Dance" 90-91)

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