Sunday, 6 March 2011

SDD Feedback Session

Identify 4 issues you had with making your solo
Timing- trying to keep the solo within a 2-4 minute frame

Exploring- Found it difficult to keep exploring a particular theme or movement as deeply as possible

Space- Found it very difficult to move my dance out and use up more floor space.

Body Parts- Too strong a focus on one body part

Tasks to help these issues
Timing-Perform my improvisation constantly. Set an alarm to become more comfortable and aware of the time frame.

Exploring-Watch videos of my dances/improvisations back and from there pick out interesting and unique movements that I can explore more. Continue to keep relating back to the original stimulus for new inspiration.

Space- The more movements I explore and level’s I use, the more space I will be able to use freely.

Body Parts-Look at how a foot movement can be mirrored in the whole body which then allows me to use up more space on the floor and move at different levels.

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