Wednesday, 16 March 2011

White Man Sleeps

White Man Sleeps was choreographed for Siobhan Davies new company in 1988 and was a piece created for five dancers. However, over the years Davies has continued to rework this piece in order to achieve even further how she wanted the piece to look and feel.

The use of lighting and music in this piece really reflects the dancer’s movements. I think the dark lighting helps to emphasise each movement and the music creates an overall fluid feel to the dance as it performed to a string quartet. There is a strong use of repetition in this piece that is present in both the duets and group dances that helps to emphasise particular movements. The movement vocabulary mainly consists of strong leg movements, hand connections to the head, spirals and soft but fast feet movements. Throughout the piece the dancers come into contact with each other a lot of the time and this is particularly evident through the various lifts that Davies includes in this dance. I found it interesting to see how the dancers would work together in a group, but they would still be reflecting each others movements. This helped to focus on the movements that were being conveyed and it also emphasised the idea of repetition again in the dance.

Overall, I think this piece is interesting to watch because of the fluidity of the piece and the close relationships between the dancers.

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