Sunday, 6 March 2011

So We Dance- Lott 12

As audience members took their seats the dancers began to run from one end of the studio to the other, in a linear line, one at a time. This immediately created a constant level of energy and repetition which was explored throughout the performance along with the nature of group. It also conveyed each performer as an individual, but still made me think about the company as a whole as they were performing the same action. The dancers broke apart to begin dancing on their own, again this was done one at a time. I found it interesting to watch the energy level increase as a variety of movements took place including running, rolling and pausing. As the movements were performed in a range of different directions this emphasised the idea of the group working together as a whole. I particularly enjoyed watching the strong repetition portrayed in the last section of the dance. All the dancers performed the same section, however it was broken down, performed in smaller pieces and then gradually built up again. The use of music and sileneces at particular points in the performance helped to emphasise the change in tempo and energy which helped to bring my attention to the details of the dance.

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