Sunday, 6 March 2011

Improvisation Class

We had an Improvisation class at the start of term that really gave me some food for thought! I was given some words that really feed into dance that I hope to remember when I perform and choreograph.
1. Empowerment
2. Passion
3. Inclusion
4. Celebrating the individual
5. Translate
6. Facilitate
7. Creative

We were also asked two questions that really made me think about the way in which I move.

What stops you, what blocks you and why?
After creating a very short improvisation I found that what stops me from really exploring as much as possible is the lack of space that we have in the smaller studios. I find myself constantly having to be aware that I don’t stand on someone’s hand or foot, and that I’m not taking up too much space either. As a result I can’t travel as freely as I would like to do.. What really surprised me about this improvisation was that when we were asked to move with a partner I really would have preferred to work on my own. This is definitely a new feeling for me, as I normally enjoy having another person to bounce off. I hope this means that I’m becoming more comfortable within my own movements and have a stronger need to explore them.

What do you celebrate about your dance and what do you need to do to feed it in your practice?
I am slowly beginning to appreciate the simplicity of my movements as I think this allows me to be more creative in what I do as I’m not overly concerned about making things look “pretty”. I think I can feed this into my practice by continuing at a steady place and not rushing movement transitions.

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