Friday, 9 March 2012

Applying The Performance Mind

Section one
Talking and Walking
Form a clump and enter into the space

Change from walking and talking to moving into space and swapping

Energy speeds up

Running around each other 3 times and falling into a clump

Clump happens 3 times:
1st: 3 duets, any combination, therefore on the first go two people will be missing from the clump
2nd: Another duet takes place
3rd: Everyone but Julia who plays with the bouncy ball. That signals for us to arrive at the river-exists, entrances, hands on floor, hands in the air

Section Two
1. Sweep: Moving through the space
Come out into trio’s to perform the phrase
The sweep continues to move through performers
Group three has a clock rotation at either 45 or 180 degrees
2. Clump hovering-Rotate movement solo with Jen

3. Writer and Whisper-ends with bouncy ball trailing off
Clear the space

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