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Unwritten Dance Press Release

Unwritten Dance

Forward In Motion Dance Festival 2011


Unwritten Dance – Shifting Time

Unwritten Dance is a company of second year dance students, studying at Coventry University. As part of their Performance Project module they have been given the opportunity to work with an independent dance artist and choreographer to create a unique piece, of work within a professional setting. This piece of work is to be showcased as part of The Forward in Motion Dance Festival 2011, alongside other work shown by Influx and Rooted Dance Company.

Shifting Time is what we have named our creative process. It has given us permission to expand our perception and step out side of our routines and habits

Time and space have become our playmates

Using postcards, objects, improvised workshops, body parts and contact work, Andrea Buckley helped us to create a twenty minute performance piece. Themes through this set improvised piece include the concept of chance and fate, time passing through space and the idea of orbiting. This piece will allow an audience member the opportunity to question everyday movement in improvised timings.

Andrea Buckley Biography
Andrea Buckley works as an independent dance artist. Her experience extends over 20 years, performing teaching and creating work in various professional contexts to include the wider community.

Her primary research draws upon an extensive range of improvisation and contact skills as a way to continue to develop an awareness of the moving body and expand a repertoire of composition.

She has performed with many independent artists touring UK, Ireland, Europe and parts of America. These include; Kirstie Simson, Nancy Stark–Smith, MacLennan Dance & Company, Rosemary Lee, Gill Clarke and Deborah Hay. Most recently she has been working with Siobhan Davies Dance in a performance project ROTOR touring 2009/10.

With regards to her own recent work Walking Within was created and performed first in 2009 in collaboration with film artist Daniel Williams and Composer/musician Jamie McCarthy. She continues the performance of this work in various settings as a way to keep alive the collaborative process and performance aspect that fuels her desire to move.

Andrea is now a certified Rolfer. It is with this knowledge and curiosity that she is inspired to explore something new that captures an investigative process.

Forward in Motion Dance Festival takes place between 5th and 9th December 2011. Unwritten Dance will perform Wednesday 7th and Friday 9th at 7:30 pm in The Ellen Terry Dance and Theatre Performance Space.

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