Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Partner Work

In comparison to last year I noticed that I automatically gave my weight to my partner more easily and freely than I would have done before. I think this is partly due to knowing the group and my partner as an individual a lot more and as a result I had a greater sense of trust. I also feel more confident with the knowledge and information that I have on my hip injury. I knew that even though my partner had my weight and was moving the hip, I still had some control over the rotation.

On my right leg, it felt as though my partner was moving quite quickly and that my hip was taking a bit more time to make a full rotation. In contrast the left leg could rotate fully and at a quicker pace. My partner commented on how she was surprised at the range of movement I had in my hip, as she had expected it to be quite stiff. I think the hip was quite free as a result of doing some physio exercises the night before and as a result my hips had remained free and open.

When my partner helped me move in space I noticed how dependent I have become on my skull to lead me in space, when in reality my pelvis can do the same job too, just as effectively. I also noticed how important the pelvis is and how strong it has to be when helping to aid my transition from lying and rolling on the ground to sitting up.

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