Friday, 9 March 2012

Dance Intensive-Day Four

Warm Up
Began laying on the floor. Slowly began to move my hands. Working with the imagery of my hands being able to cover all surfaces of the floor, I investigated the idea of how they take my weight in and out of the ground.
Eg: Downward dog/ upward dog
Pelvis into the air
Weight onto head
Upside down movement
As we moved into contact with three other people, I felt as though the investigation lost focus for me. I’ve become more focused on trying to work my way into the group. I noticed that my body began to feel tense, I started to hold my breath and it felt uncomfortable.

Transferring weight
Running backwards and having Emily catch me felt safe and secure. I was therefore more open to explore how fast and far I wanted to go. When I fell into her shoulder it also felt safe. However, when we began to explore the idea of Emily getting lower and me moving in front of her I noticed that my body tensed up and didn’t want to be lifted.

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