Tuesday, 6 March 2012

SRT-Class One

Soft feet
I found that by relaxing the knees I was able to move my feet with very little sound. However, it was quite easy to tense the neck and shoulders. When we began picking up the speed and travelling across the space, I noticed that I had to soften the ankles and the whole foot, in order not to make noise. I also had to make sure I was seeing the space properly in order to travel at speed.

Lying on the ground I could sense the weight of my body on the floor. I found that my head and upper body melted into the ground quite quickly, but it took a bit of adjusting for my legs to feel comfortable. As I began to roll from side to side, I noticed that it was my head that was leading me in space. However, on coming out of the ground it was the pelvis that was leading. Melting onto another person, I could feel their weight aswell as mine. Melting onto the wall, my body was instantly aware of the cold surfaces and began reacting to that. My back seemed to stay on the wall whilst the rest of the body explored moving across the wall, until I reached the ground.

Marionette Strings
My partner used hands on work to create the strings. She then placed her hand on my back as I tilted my body. I found it easier to tilt as I was aware of her support, however it took a few tries before my head began travelling with me.

Placing one hand on the top of the shoulder and the other on the shoulder girdle itself we lifted the bone up and placed it back a few times. I could instantly feel all the tension leaving my upper body and neck. Combing the arms and fingers made them feel elongated and free to move. We then played with the idea of floppy arms, swinging them backwards and forwards with a sense of freedom and weight.

Working with a partner, we placed our hands on the forehead and the back of the skull and began to tilt the skull at its axis. This encouraged the skull to float. We continued to do this as our partner moved in space, and then let go as our partners' moved on their own. When my partner let go of my skull I felt relaxed in my walking. I didnt feel as though I was holding onto anything.

Moving Freely
Moving through the room thinking about all that I had learnt, I noticed how easy it was to travel through the space. I also noticed my breath coming with me and how little tension I felt in the body.

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