Wednesday, 7 March 2012

SRT-Class Six

We began lying on the floor with our eyes closed. Gradually I began to move with the imagery of sponges and long legs trailing. This encouraged my upper body to relax and be free of tension. It also created openness within my hip joints and my legs felt longer as they moved.

Partner Graphic- As my partner lifted my rib cage up; I took a deep squat, keeping the feet wide so that the heels reached the ground. From this, I took a rise in space and a tilt sideways. As my partner wasn’t holding me u, I had to remember to lift my own rib cage.

Partner Graphic- The idea of three spheres’
1. Skull
2. Ribs
3. Pelvis
Moving with my partner holding me brought greater attention to the ribs and skull, for me. It enabled me to move in new ways and be more creative when the Gossamer strings were introduced to the hands.

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