Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Term Two-Class One

What are your interests as an artist and an improviser?
•Layering material to create a bigger improvisation
•Starting with something small and then resulting in having two or three things with you to take into the performance space
•Helps to explore and create opportunities of movement and allows for an element of surprise to occur
•Surprise for the audience, as well as a surprise for the person dancing
•Letting go of boundaries
•Activity and receptivity- within that is the idea of how we live in the world

I preferred to work in a duet as opposed to on my own as it helped me to be more creative and extends my movement vocabulary. The option to work using contact created a sense of closeness and a strong connection with my partner. It also brought more attention to the body parts that had just been given hands on work to.

•Always imagined my rib cage was a lot bigger than what it actually is. Helped ot create a stronger image of my frame.
•Pulling and pushing of the ankles helped make the leg feel longer and made me more aware of the connection from the hip/ pelvis the whole way down to the ankle
•An awareness of the skull helped me to think of the length of the body and also helped to relax the tension in my jaw.
•Thinking about the shoulder blades and the arm as a whole makes me realise that they are stronger than I imagine and can support my body weight.

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