Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Term Two-Class One

Physical Activities from your past:
• Irish Dancing
• Hip Hop
• Latin/ Ballroom and salsa dancing

Ways in which you enjoy making:
• Exploring rhythms through body parts
• Intricate details of the feet
• Floor work
• Eyes open
• Set material- the idea of perfecting it
• Jumping

What I find challenging:
• Use of voice in movement
• Upside down movements
• Letting other people take my body weight
• Forceful and aggressive movements
• Left arm- Don’t use and tend to ignore it
• Dancing outwardly
• To stop apologising for how I move

Wildest Dreams:
To own properties in Chicago and London
To travel around Europe, America, Australia and New Zealand
Learn another language
Learn as many different types of dance as possible
To share my passion for dance with the world
To perform with Riverdance before it stops touring
Adopt a polar Bear

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