Friday, 9 March 2012

Final Rehearsal

Technical Rehearsal
• Missed out the bouncy ball interruption part
• The orbit cant slow down just because of the music being of a different speed
• Big attention needs to be given to seeing the space
• Don’t prepare for Julia lifting you- Its better than before, but it still needs work
• Remember the order of the objects
• When jumping near the booms, be careful that they don’t shake

Dress Rehearsal
• Don’t think of the ball/ frame change of movement as something that should be done on a diagonal. Find space within the group and move It out more.
• Watch facial expressions when Julia is dragging me
• Don’t stand for too long between the end of the hopping moment and collecting the objects
• Once finished dropping the objects, stand against the wall
• Throughout the piece, keep the idea of arriving in a moment and moving onto the next one with you.
• In the river be aware of your 3D self.

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