Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Dance Intensive-Day One

Expectations/ Feelings:
Want to become more confident in improvisation and contact work
Hoping to gain a better understanding of contemporary dance performanceMy Hip felt slightly stiff from Pilates and it didn’t have as much freedom to move as it did the day before.

Warm Up
•Moved in a way that I needed to but with a central focus on the feet
•Played with the idea of how much body weight my feet can take, in particular the very top of the toes
•Investigated the idea of moving quickly through the space as quietly as I could. My knees and ankles had to be soft and supple for this to work
•With the remainder that there are 26 bones in the feet, I tried to bend and move them in unusual and unfamiliar ways to create this image. I tried to cover the whole surface of the foot onto the floor.
•I tend to focus on my right foot more than my left.

Walk In Space
•Thinking about how the foot sends us forward in space. I had to exaggerate the movement to feel this.
•Picked a spot on the wall and focused on it. I focused on a crack in the paint work on the wall. As I could see a hint of the old colour of paint it reminded me of something that was built up from layers. One side was bumpier than the other.
•I also picked the side of the wall. It had a smooth surface with pointed corners and felt very cold.
•Walking with our eyes to the ceiling, to the floor, curving to the right and curving to the left
•Closing our eyes and having an awareness of where other people were in the room. The idea of survival instincts

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