Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Leah's Workshop

Moving as we wanted to, I put a central focus on the feet and how I could move them. I played with the idea of them taking my whole body weight and creating different rhythms. From this I was able to come up with two different movement features. The first was playing with giving and taking weight off my hands and feet from a crouch position. The second was to sweep my feet against the floor, creating different sounds.

In the park we had to choose 5 different places of interest and observe how it influenced our moving.
1. Rocks next to the pond:They could take my weight in different ways. I played with dividing my body weight over more than one rock and observed which ones I trusted the most.

2. Trees:I investigated two different trees. The first was the smaller and thinner of the two. I leant against it and noticed how the bark on it was quite smooth. I didn't stay here for long as I felt it didn't have much of an impact on my movement. The second tree was a main feature of the park, as a result of its size. I used both the branches and the trunk to take my weight and found that I could explore this to a greater level than I could on the last tree.

3.Steps:Swaying from side to side, tilting, walking up them and down them. I was also able to play with the rhythms that I had created in the studio against the smooth stone.

4.Archway:I thought that the old archway refelcted the past of Coventry, whilst the new archway positioned above it was pointing towards the future of Coventry. I was able to sit in the archway as if I was part of its history.

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