Wednesday, 7 March 2012

SRT-Class Three

We began lying on the floor, noticing our breath. Breathing in, filling the lungs, and breathing out again I noticed how the breath created space in the rib cage and breath could settle in different areas of the body. Working with a partner I noticed the different places in the back that I could witness the breath. The more clearer places tended to be the lower back and close to the ribs. Working with the imagery of mist, helped bring an awareness back to the breath and how I can move from it.

Creating movement across the floor, we moved with supple feet. Gradually we began to add a supple arm, a supple change of direction and melting into the floor. I noticed that as my body was free of any tension and quite loose, the changes of direction and melting into the floor could happen quite quickly and be creative too. Working with Dannielle, we took the weight of our partners legs and then roated the hip ten times on each leg. This helped to create an openess and made my legs feel a lot longer, which made travelling across the floor a lot easier during moving.

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