Friday, 9 March 2012

Dance Intensive-Day Five

Warm up
Today we started with the same exercise as yesterday. I still felt that I wanted to work independently from the group. I think this is because I can loose myself a lot easier within my own investigation of work and don’t have to be spacially aware of others.

Group work
When we gradually made our way into contact with other people I found that I had a stronger relationship and sense of awareness of other people compared to the day before. I played with the idea of trying to use the surfaces of the floor to be in contact with my arms and upper body. It was interesting to see how much easier it was than on the lower body, particularly the upper thighs. However, I did create a stronger focus within the feet.

I enjoyed moving on the low and middle levels as I could travel and explore more. I struggled with the upper level as I didn’t want to travel too far away from my group. However, when we did travel it across the space I felt that I wanted to spend more time arriving into each moment, but in contrast my group wanted to move at a quicker pace.

I reflected other people’s movements from across the river as opposed to those who were in my side of it. I also didn’t change angles in the river. I need to open my movements and see the space.

Trio Work
I have my weight to Julia and she drags me across the floor. It’s important to remember to continue seeing the space as I’m being dragged. I also need to use my hands to reach the floor to create a sense of me taking my own weight. Learn to see Julia in the space as I perform section 6. Try to Hold arm position for slightly longer, to arrive in the moment. Blocking Julia needs to be a bit more forceful. Make a transition back into the moving line by using repetitive arm movements.

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