Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Weight Changes

I began standing in parallel. I slowly moved forwards and backwards, and side to side with small exchanges of weight. I noticed that as my movements got bigger, I really had to engage my stomach muscles to maintain the balance, and having an awareness of a floating skull helped. The more playful my movements became and the more levels I explored, I found it difficult to do with my eyes closed and so began working with letting light into the eyes when I was struggling.

Travelling across the Floor
1.Travelling across the floor staying close together but not looking at each other. I found that it took me ages to cross the floor as I really had to concentrate on not seeing my partner. A strong sense of the 3D self was needed

2.Travelling across the floor, keeping eye contact at all times. I found this easier and much more relaxed and playful than the previous task. It was clear that the movement travelled much more freely and at a quicker speed.

3.Score- Eye contact at the start.
Hannah tries to find my eye contact,I try to look away
Put two pauses in-Don’t have to be at the same time
Play with distance

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