Friday, 9 March 2012

Dance Intensive-Day Three

Hand on Work
We began the morning with some hands on work to relax the muscles in the legs. As we were now into the third day of the intensive, my legs were starting to feel sore and stiff. I noticed that they took a long time to relax into the ground and I struggled to give my partner my weight. By placing weight and pressure, through sponging, onto the legs the tension began to ease. Combing the legs made them feel elongated and I got a greater sense of the length of the leg from the hip bone down to my toes.

Contact Work
• Walking backwards/Running backwards and catching
• The element of surprise through the length and speed of running
• Trust in partner
• Awareness of 3D self when running backwards
• Upside down moment
• Keep a momentum happening
• Hands firmly on the ground, close to you
• Look behind you, not on the floor
• Pushing partners leg down to increase speed

• Knowing that perching doesn’t have to be a big movement, and that smaller options can be investigated
• Perching upwards and outwards
• To keep the movement flowing so that it builds up, falls down, crumbles and goes into different directions

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