Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Hip Joint

•Taking the leg into the air and bringing it back down again
•The fold is a lot lower than I imagined and has a stronger connection with the ball and socket than I previously though.
•The leg cannot extend fully until the ball and socket has become engaged. It also sometimes requires the stomach muscles to engage too.
•Lying on my back and lifting the legs inti the air, emphasise how small and intricate movements can be initiated from this fold eg: Bending the legs/ Crouch position

Partner Graphic
1.begin lying on the floor
2.take the weight of the leg and rotate the hip
3.move the legs down to the hips to create the fold
4.move the legs like “spaghetti”
5.slowly walking the feet down to the ground
6.brushing both legs out

I noticed how much work the hips actually do in order for legs to move fluidly. There was a stronger sense of connection between the hip and the pelvis, and the overall strength of that area in supporting the body.

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