Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Asnate and Rosalyn Worksop

Moving in a familiar place:
I found this relaxing and my movements were able to flow as I was aware of the trust and security I found from that particular place in the room. I didnt have to think too much about what I was doing, as subconsciously I was alreday aware of the movement vocabularly that I had previously created there.

Moving in an unfamiliar place:
I found this difficult to get into and I could feel more tension in my upper body than before. Becoming more aware of my breathing and trying to slow it down, I relaxed into my movements. By the end of moving I realised that having the opportunity to move in that particular place in the room, will have broken down a mental barrier for me. As opposed to thinking about what I dont like about the space, I can now challenge myself to think about what I actually like about it.

I found myself being attracted to the black velevt curtains. They created a sense of warmth on my own skin and I felt as though they could take my body weight. I explored moving in front, behind and inside them.

Closing Eyes:
This allowed me to move in more adventuruous ways than I've done before. As a result of not being able to see what I was doing, I had to trust those around me and trust the knowledge that if I was able to get myself into an unfamiliar position, then I could get out of it again.

Moving with an Awareness of taste:
I tried to embody how I feel when I taste things, rather than physically try to taste the area around me. I danced in between the other senses', as in order to taste something you need all your senses'. I played with the idea of repetition, advancing and retreating towards something, and various speeds at which you taste something.

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