Tuesday, 6 March 2012

James' Workshop

I found myself taking a special interest in the box shape in the room as it felt secretive and out of the way. I rested against the door and took some time observing my surroundings. I noticed that I had picked the most non-claustrophobic space in the room. I followed the outline of the box until it led me a little into the floor. I lay flat on my back to feel the new surroundings and then sat up so I could see every part of the room.

Travelling across the floor and speaking at the same time allowed my movements to come quite naturally without a great deal of thought having to come into it. Sentences were all of a different structure and were quite random, not following any rhythm or being forced to make sense.

Movements that Reflect me:
1.Using my right arm to take me through space allows me to travel at speed. I enjoy living life at a fast pace as there is so much to do.
2.Spinning allows me to change direction when I want to. I can retrace an old path or create a new one. It allows me to feel surprised in my movement choices.
3.Jumping-I enjoy the sense of height and the release of tension it creates in the body. I can arch and articulate my feet well and remember my dance origins.
4.Lying on the ground-Creates a sense of my body weight in space, the lenghth of the skeleton, and encourages me to relax and let go of any unnecessary tension in the body. Contrast to moving quickly through life.
5.Leg Swings-Freeing the hips, allows the legs to move quickly and fluidly. Creates new ways of building momentum to explore new ways of moving out of the floor.

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