Friday, 9 March 2012

Feedback Session One

There is a sense that everyone knows the choreography

The crawling around piece doesn’t work

In each place in the piece you need to be aware of where you are, what your doing and what your purpose is. It’s not enough to just have a special map with you. Instead you need to bring your own personal experience with you.

Until this is found the performance will remain looking “flat”

The mini diagonal still feels too quick. In the practising of improvisation it’s lost its reality. It needs to feel real: think about the first time you made the investigation

In the orbit the dropping onto the floor needs to happen quicker, within one transition. Think of the imagery of “heads on belly”, this can happen on front, ear on stomach etc

Whole hands are needed on the floor

Diagonal moment is good, but it could slow down. Allow the contact to feel real, and try to frame “special moments”

Keep the river score with you to create layers. The trio is too long and attention needs to be given to levels and speed.

The run needs to be a run and not a polite trot. Watch waves for inspiration. Put a pause in before moving onto the next movement.

Coming out into the space needs to happen with more speed. Lifts need to be given particular attention. There is too much preparation for going into lifts. Don’t “wait” for the person lifting you. What can I bring into the stillness? How can I move for a little longer?

Watch hand tension

Dropping of the ball-Practising the dropping with pauses and includes fast movements to

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