Wednesday, 14 March 2012

SRT-Week Seven

Curling and uncurling: Starting in parallel I began to curl the spine, playing with different levels and sizes. I found new ways to melt into the ground and explore this further.

Axis:lying on the floor I slowly moved my head from side to side thinking about it moving from its axis. This lead me into rolling from side to side and onto my front again. Introducing the arms, I placed them in different positions and tried to position the legs onto the same axis. Took the idea of the axis creating a shadow with me as I moved.

Partner Graphic
1.My partner lifted my rib cage up as I leant backwards. Rising up of her knee, I began skating across the floor. I noticed that my feet didn't need to be positioned as far apart in order to travel across the floor.

2.As the rib cage was still being held up I found the pulse in my pelvis that took me in and out of the floor without my knees having to do the work. This lead onto small jumps across the floor and travelling whilst changing the direction of the pelvis.

3.Reminder of the three spheres-the skull, the rib cage and the pelvis

4.Swaying from side to side my partner created a figure of eight starting from the bottom of the feet. I moved on my own, with a strong focus on my pelvis than I normally do. I played with the size of the sways and tilted backwards and sidewards.

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