Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Skull, Jaw and Hyoid Bone

.The skull is the top body weight, balanced effectively on the spine

•It is comprised of the 8 bones of the cranium to hold and to protect the brain and the 14 bones of the face

•Tension can cause muscles of the scalp to constant the structures, blocking the responsiveness of the skull

•Structure massages in hands on work can relax the muscles and thus alleviate pressure built up within the skull and allow realignment of the plates in relation to each other.

•In a relaxed state, the jaw would hang open, pulled by gravity

•Keeping your mouth shut necessitates constant contraction of the masseter muscles, which can be felt by massaging your jaw and cheek.

•The hyoid bone is a delicate free floating bone on the front of the neck shaped like a small horseshoe. Changes in spinal patterns often involve work with this small, but important, bone of the axial skeleton

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