Friday, 9 March 2012

Dance Intensive-Day Two

Bouncy Ball Game
I found myself trying not to get other people’s eye attention when we first started throwing the balls as I didn’t feel confident enough that I would be able to catch them. When we took out the walk, I felt it easier to get into a rhythm and realised that the more open I allowed my body to be, the more space I used and the more available I made myself, the more confident I became.

Bouncy Ball Rhythm
Using my telephone number, I bounced the ball off the floor whilst having pauses in-between to create a rhythm. I also played with the idea of interrupting the ball from another person and travelling in space with the ball. I found it challenging to listen to the rhythm of my walking through space whilst trying to create an additional rhythm through bouncing the ball.

Walking and Talking Task
I felt really self-conscious as we had to move in between each other talking. It became apparent quite quickly that we were all talking at the same volume and pace which made it feel quite set and boring. We tried to challenge this by adding turns, talking about important issues and seeing the space.

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