Wednesday, 7 March 2012

SRT-Class Five

Moving across the floor with supple feet, my feet and ankles became softer quicker than they had done in previous weeks.

Nudging my partner brought attention to certain body parts and allowed them to melt from that place. We explored with body parts above the waist and below the waist. I noticed that it allowed my bones to be quite free and floppy so that I could melt into the ground. Working in groups of four, there were opportunities for more than one body part to be encouraged to melt.

Partner Graphic- As my partner lifted my rib cage I was still aware of the contact I had over my own weight, however I had a stronger sense of support. This allowed me to tilt sideways, front wards and backwards confidently.

Partner Graphic- My partner squeezed my shoulders releasing the tension in them. Lifting the shoulder and circling it, allowed there to be space in my bones. Pulling at the wrist encouraged the shoulders to be wider and fall down the back.

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